Common NameVespa
ColorBlack & Yellow Among other colors.

How to get rid of this?.

To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Description: House mice are identified by short light brown or gray to black hair, sometimes with lighter shaded stomachs. Adult mice weigh about 12 to 30 grams and will grow up to 20 cm (from nose to tail).
Biology: House mice life expectancy ranges from 3-5 years, depending on the condition of the environment they live in. Known to have the ability to reproduce quickly, a single female house mouse is capable of producing up to eight litters per year with an average of six pups per litter.
Habits: The house mouse is a naturally inquisitive creature, prone to exploring their surrounding environments. Most often spotted during the evening or later in the evening when household activity has slowed down, house mice tend to scurry along walls instead of straight across the open floor.
Control: House mice have a propensity to chew on a variety of items so tell –tale signs of mice inhabitants include shavings, teeth marks, and openings. To keep mice from infiltrating into your home, all gaps larger than a pen cap should be sealed. Food not sealed in a glass or metal container can emit a desirable scent to mice. This includes dog food, which mice will often chew through bags to get to. When a home is already infested, the best method for 100% removal is to contact a professional.



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