As with all of Patek’s high complications and high craft pieces, this is an application piece, price on request

The engraving remains as elaborately baroque in the new top replica watches Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon as in the outgoing model – even the hands get the engraver’s attention (Patek says it takes about 100 hours to execute the engraving, which I have no reason to doubt). The complex articulation of every surface looks even more pronounced in the new model, probably thanks to the degree to which red gold emphasizes case details and geometry in comparison to white gold.Although the Sky-Moon Tourbillon 6002R-001 is debuting at the Rare Handcrafts Exhibition (which is being held in Geneva at Patek’s HQ, from June 16th to 26th), this is not a unique piece, but a regular production model.

I cannot emphasize enough, however, the degree to which you would be unrealistic in the extreme to expect change back from a million CHF.The clone Patek Philippe Sky-Moon Tourbillon, after twenty years, remains one of the most unapologetically go-to-hell best quality us replica watches in the world. In complexity and craft, it is one of a small handful of watches that are remarkable in themselves, but also functional museums of ultra-high-end Genevan horology. Sure it ain’t cheap (to put it mildly) but you get more horological content in one watch than most brands have in their entire catalogue. The aesthetics are not for everyone – living with a watch like this is probably something like living with the Farnese Table in your breakfast nook. But if you have the scratch, the interest, and the inclination, this is about as big as horological big guns get.

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