American Cockroach

American Cockroach
Common NameWater Bug
Length 0.37 mm (0.015 in)
ColorRed Brown

Description: The American Cockroach can be identified by their 1 – 2 inch length, red-brown color, and fully developed wings which completely cover the abdomen (when mature).

Biology: The female American Cockroach will produce nine to ten egg capsules, each containing anywhere from 14-16 eggs, throughout her lifespan. On average, female American Cockroaches will live about 440 days while males live approximately 200 days.

Habits: American Cockroaches are uncommon in most homes but can be abundant in warm, damp locations such as sewers, boiler rooms, and commercial facilities. This includes places such as grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, office and apartment buildings, etc. Additionally, as strong flyers, the American Cockroach can easily travel from building to building.

Control: Cockroaches are often transported via equipment or storage boxes. To minimize the risk for infestation, search all potentially affected products brought into your location. An effective cockroach-management plan requires proper sanitation which will remove life sustaining necessities such as food and water.



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